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National Soil Resources Institute

National Soil Resources Institute (NSRI)

National Soil Resources Institute (NSRI)
Cranfield University
Bullock Building
Cranfield campus
MK43 0AL

Tel: 01234 750111 x2750
Fax: 01234 752970

Email: s.hallett@cranfield.ac.uk
Web: http://www.cranfield.ac.uk/sas/nsri/index.html

For details of soil maps and reports, Soil Site Reports and digital soil data and for access to the interactive Soilscapes map please refer to LandIS, the 'Land Information System'.

The National Soil Resources Institute (formerly the Soil Survey and Land Research Centre) was newly established in August 2001 in order to create a unified Institute with the necessary scientific expertise and the research capability to focus on the long-term development of the sustainable management of soil and land resources both in the UK and around the world. NSRI will actively contribute to appropriate private and public sector industries globally by:

  • Raising public and political awareness of sustainable land management practices
  • Educating and training postgraduate students with high-level skills with a view to utilising best practice in their future careers. We offer both taught MSc and a range of research degree options
  • Researching aspects of soil and land use systems and their management to provide innovative and manageable solutions
  • Monitoring, assessing and surveying land and soil resources to provide accurate data for planning purposes
  • Problem-solving and advising practitioners on effective land and soil management
  • Forming global partnerships with other organisations with similar objectives


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