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The Soil Association

The Soil Association
40-56 Victoria Street

Tel: 0117 314 5000
Fax: 0117 314 5001

Soil Association Scotland
18 Liberton Brae
Tower Mains
EH16 6AE

Tel: 0131 666 2474
Fax: 0131 666 1684

Email Addresses: http://www.soilassociation.org/aboutus/contactus
Web: http://www.soilassociation.org/

The Soil Association is a charitable concern, which was set up in 1946. It is a registered body for auditing organic holding for certification for UKROFS. They comply fully with all relevant British, EU and International regulations on organic food production.

The standards they work to are reviewed regularly by a large committee of farmers, growers, manufacturers, scientists and consumers, who all have close contact with the organic foods industry. The Standards they work to cover all aspects of organic food production and marketing including processing, labelling, food distribution, record keeping and inspections.

The Association have registered a special symbol with UKROFS which producers are awarded who are found to comply with their standards. This symbol is shown above.

The Scheme covers agriculture, food processing, packing and distribution, and industrial manufacturers of composts, organic fertilisers and health care products.

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