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Scottish Agricultural College (SAC)

Corporate Information Office
West Mains Road

Tel:  0131 535 4000

Email: Information@sac.co.uk
Web: http://www.sac.ac.uk/

The Scottish Agricultural College (SAC) was founded on the 1st of April 1990 but it originates from a consortium of three regional Agricultural Colleges founded at the turn of the century. The present day organisation is able to provide a wide range of advanced education and training, research and development, advisory and consultancy work on an extensive range of subjects but with particular emphasis on food, land and environment, rural resource and business management. SAC works for Governments, national and international agencies, corporate organisations, industry, individual businesses and the general public.

It offers a diversity of information, advisory and consultancy services. SAC has a variety of skills developed from its origins as a source of guidance to Scotland's farmers and growers.

SAC receives grants to support its work from the Scottish Office Agriculture and Fisheries Department, but is also an independent limited company.

The Advisory Service of SAC acts to ensure the delivery of publicly funded extension services in Scotland and to provide a commercial advisory and consultancy service to farmers, growers, other land managers and other rural businesses, primarily in Scotland. SAC has become a market leader in this field due to a reputation for impartiality and independence.

The Advisory Service maintains a network of 24 Advisory Offices covering the whole of Scotland, and the expertise of the locally based Advisers is backed by that of the specialist Units within the Advisory Service and that of the wide range of specialists within the SAC's three centres of study.

All SAC Advisers are BASIS registered and have access to up to date interpreted results from SAC research and development.

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