Goats (England): Code of Recommendations for the Welfare of Livestock (PB9733 & PB0081)


43. The stockman should be aware of the specific problems of a lactating goat and the ways in which these problems can be avoided or alleviated. Veterinary advice should be sought where necessary.

44. Special attentions should be paid to milking techniques so that injury to teats can be avoided. Good milking practices should include careful handling, an examination of foremilk and the avoidance of excessive stripping.

45. Before and after milking, hygiene measures should be adopted to reduce the spread of disease. Failure to attend to hygiene and to the efficient functioning of milking machines can lead to mastitis and damage to teats.

46. Goats can milk through to 24 months but this should be supported by adequate nutrition (see paragraph 11).

47. Lactating goats should be milked daily or sufficiently often according to yield.

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