Goats (England): Code of Recommendations for the Welfare of Livestock (PB9733 & PB0081)

Feed and Water

11. Goats should receive daily a balanced diet which is adequate to maintain full health and vigour. They should have access to sufficient fresh, clean, water at all times. If this is impossible for any reason, such water should be provided at least twice daily. Goats prefer water which is not excessively cold.

12. Feed should be palatable and should be placed in suitable racks or containers. Stale and fouled food should be removed.

13. Goats need a comparatively large quantity of bulky feed. They have a preference for coarse forages and tree branches. Suitable foods for housed goats include pea and bean haulm, clover, lucerne and meadow hay and silage(s) and coarse, flaky or pelleted concentrated food. Care should be taken not to over-feed certain foods, for example concentrates, as this can lead to such problems as bloat, acidosis, laminitis and obesity.

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