Goats (England): Code of Recommendations for the Welfare of Livestock (PB9733 & PB0081)




The Code of recommendations for the welfare of goats, which is made under Section 3 (1) of  The Agriculture (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1968 and approved by Parliament, is intended to encourage all those responsible for looking after these animals to adopt the highest standards of husbandry. It takes account of five basic animal needs: freedom from thirst, hunger and malnutrition; appropriate comfort and shelter; the prevention, or rapid diagnosis and treatment of, injury, disease or infestation; freedom from fear; and freedom to display most normal patterns of behaviour.

The Code is backed up by the law of the land. To cause unnecessary pain or unnecessary distress to any farm animal is an offence under The Agriculture (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1968 - the breach of a Code provision, whilst not an offence in itself, can nevertheless be used in evidence as tending to establish the guilt of anyone accused of causing suffering under the Act (Section 3(4)).

Without good stockmanship, animal welfare can never be adequately protected. The Code is designed to help stockmen particularly the young and inexperienced to reach the required standard. (1)

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