Freedom Food Scheme

1. Introduction

What is the Freedom Food scheme?

Agricultural produce assurance schemes are growing in popularity and are now established for many areas including fresh produce and combinable crops. The Freedom Food Scheme is concerned with animal welfare and is readily identified by its distinctive blue Freedom Food label shown on meat, eggs and dairy products sold in retail outlets. The scheme seeks to guarantee that the produce has come from animals reared, transported and slaughtered in accordance with the RSPCA's welfare standards. Freedom Food Ltd was established by the RSPCA in 1994 to help improve welfare standards for the UKs agricultural livestock and to provide consumers with welfare information.

The RSPCAs own livestock experts have developed the standards considering the basic needs of the animals supported by sound scientific research and practical farming experience. Welfare standards have been written for the following species: sheep, chicken, and turkey, laying hens, beef cattle, dairy cattle and pigs. The standards are regularly reviewed and amended according to the latest research.

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