Waterwise on the Farm (Version 2)

2. How to carry out a water audit and action plan

A water audit is simply a way of working out where, when and how much water you use. The action plan is to identify where you can reduce the amount of water you use.

To carry out a water audit and develop a water management plan you need to follow five simple steps:

Step 1: Identify how much water you are using and how much it costs

Step 2: Carry out an inventory of the water you use

Step 3: Calculate how much water you should be using

Step 4: Identify and compare water efficiency activities to reduce the amount of water you use

Step 5: Create, implement and review your waterwise action plan

The following information will help you during these steps:

  • your water bills from the last two years (a longer record will make your assessment more accurate);
  • details of any abstraction licence(s) you hold;
  • the number and type (species and age) of livestock on your farm;
  • your crop protection and irrigation records;
  • a map of the water network on your farm showing water pipes and uses.

To get the best out of this booklet we recommend that you read through it all before developing your waterwise action plan.

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