Waterwise on the Farm (Version 2)

Why save water on the farm?

We tend to think of Britain as wet and rarely short of water. However, our variable climate, high population density and the many different ways in which we use water mean that at certain times and in certain places water resources are scarce. This affects the quality of our numerous habitats that depend on water. Climate change is likely to result in wetter winters and drier summers and create increasing pressure on the water available.

Using water more efficiently not only makes good business sense, it will also help to protect a vital natural resource.

This document, which has been tried and tested by farmers, will help you to assess whether you are making the best use of your water resources, and may generate ideas for improvements.

Due to the success of the first version of Waterwise, the original partners Environment Agency, Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF) and the National Farmersí Union (NFU) were keen to publish an updated version, including information on diffuse pollution. We welcome Defraís involvement in helping to achieve this. All the organisations involved have been pleased to work together on a project that gives farmers the opportunity to make practical and cost-effective changes to the way they manage their farms so they can avoid problems in the future.

We hope you find this booklet useful and we look forward to working with you on improving the quality of our environment.

Sir John Harman - Chairman, Environment Agency
Ian Pearson - Environment Minister
Peter Kendall - President, NFU
Tony Worth - Chairman, LEAF
Dai Davies - President, NFU Cymru

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