River Management Techniques. Upper Wharfedale Best Practice Project (Information Series No 6)

5.2. Refurbished dipper


Hubberholme, SD 926782

Autumn 1999

COST: c.£2,768


The dipper at this site had been in existence for a number of years. It is one of similar dips in the area located close to a watercourse. The dipper at this site was on a steep hill slope close to a stream. The existing layout was reasonably efficient. However, it was decided that some improvement works would be beneficial to protect the environment.


The improvement work comprised the following:

  • Waterproof rendering of the walls;
  • Provision of anti-splash guards;
  • Blocking of redundant drainage systems;
  • Provision of a roof over the dipping area to exclude rainwater from the dip tub;
  • Provision of new gates with splash proofing;
  • Provision of a new dip tub.
Floorplan of the new sheep dipper at Hubberholme

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