River Management Techniques. Upper Wharfedale Best Practice Project (Information Series No 6)


This booklet was produced by the partners of the Upper Wharfedale Best Practice Project to disseminate the environmental river management techniques, designed and implemented in the upland catchment of Upper Wharfedale, North Yorkshire, during the projectís lifetime between 1998 and 2002. It is intended to be for the use of practitioners, who may be farmers, landowners or organisations managing upland areas.

The partnership has aimed to demonstrate the principles, techniques and benefits of an integrated way of achieving good land and water management. It is based on an ecological approach, protecting habitats and water quality in the catchment, whilst encouraging a move towards more sustainable hill farming, and taking account of social and economic considerations. The techniques have been designed for harsh, dynamic, upland environments, and used species suitable for the local conditions and of a northern provenance.

The project partners received a grant from the European Commissionís Objective 5b programme and the Millennium  Commission through the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust. The partners would also like to acknowledge survey and design input provided by Stuart Lane (Leeds University), David Francis, David Coxon (River Engineering Contractor) and Binnie, Black & Veatch.

Reproduced with permission of HMSO. Crown Copyright reserved. The Environment Agency licence number 03177G002
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