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Registering as a Hazardous Waste Producer

If you produce more than 500kg/1100lbs or 500 litres/110 gallons of hazardous waste a year you will need to register with the Environment Agency. When you're working out whether you produce more than 500kg of hazardous waste ignore the weight of any scrap vehicles as these do not count towards the 500kg limit.

If you produce less than 500kg, it doesn’t mean that the waste isn’t hazardous, just that you don’t need to register as a hazardous waste producer. You will still need to use a consignment note.

You can register by phoning, using the internet, emailing, or sending a paper form. The cost for registering varies according to the method you use – internet or email is the cheapest, paper is the most expensive.

Phone the Environment Agency on 08708 506 506 if you want to know what the current fee is.

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