Manual Handling Solutions for Farms (HSE AS23)

Lifting chemical and oil containers

The problem

Despite many pesticide formulations becoming less bulky, some packs of liquid products delivered onto farms are still difficult to handle, particularly into stores and other buildings. Some containers which provide excellent control of chemical risks through closed transfer technology can cause manual handling problems if you donít properly plan how you will move them and use the right equipment, eg for handling and agitation. Larger (eg 200 l) oil or dairy chemical drums avoid much manual handling but still have to be moved from a delivery lorry to where they will be used.


Figure 4: Drum cradle

Use a drum cradle to move and tilt larger containers (see Figure 4).

  • Plan your storage arrangements to reduce the distance containers have to be moved.
  • Install ramps at the entrance to chemical stores to allow rolling of containers.
  • Use bulk containers that are only handled by a lift truck.
  • Fit low-level filling points on sprayers Ė never lift large containers up a ladder to the top lid.
  • Use automated dairy bulk-tank washers to reduce chemical handling.

  • Always consider pumps, syphons or gravity taps to remove the contents.
  • Use the manual handling risk as one of your criteria when deciding which chemical formulation is most appropriate for your farm.
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