Manual Handling Solutions for Farms (HSE AS23)

Assess the risk

Does the job involve one or more of these risk factors:

  • handling loads at a distance from the trunk?
  • twisting?
  • stooping or reaching upwards?
  • excessive lifting, lowering or carrying distances?
  • excessive pushing or pulling force?
  • positioning the load precisely?
  • risk of sudden movement of loads?
  • frequent or prolonged physical effort?
  • insufficient rest or recovery periods?
  • handling while seated?
  • team handling?
  • intensive work, tight deadlines and lack of control over the work and working methods?

Is the load:

  • heavy, bulky or unwieldy?
  • difficult to grasp?
  • live, unstable, or with contents likely to move?
  • sharp or hot?

Where the handling is done, are there:

  • space constraints preventing good posture?
  • uneven, slippery or unstable floors?
  • variations in level of floors or work surfaces?
  • extremes of temperature or humidity?
  • conditions causing ventilation problems or gusts of wind?
  • poor lighting conditions?
  • consider the people involved. Does the job:
  • require unusual strength, height etc?
  • involve special risks for pregnant staff or anyone with a health problem?
  • require special information or training?
  • conflict with personal protective equipment or other clothing?
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