Take-all in winter wheat - management guidelines (HGCA Autumn 2006)


There is little evidence that the resistance of current wheat varieties to take-all differs.

However, some varieties suffer less yield loss than others when grown as second wheats; they may be better able to withstand the stress of root loss associated with the disease.

The relative yields of varieties differ depending on rotational position. For example, Savannah, Cordiale, Hyperion, Einstein, Gladiator and Ambrosia have higher relative yields as second wheats, while Robigus, Claire, Nijinsky and Mascot have relatively lower yields (Figure 5).

Figure 5. Yields of wheat varieties grown as first and second cereals

HGCA Recommended List, 2006/07

Up-to-date information can be found in the HGCA Recommended List for winter wheat, including first and second wheat performance in supplementary tables, and at www.hgca.com/varieties

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