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Nutrient Management Planning

A nutrient management plan provides recommendations on the quantity, formulation and timing of manure, waste and artificial fertiliser applications.

It should provide recommendations for the safe management of the application, and of the fields it is to be applied, to prevent pollution.

The purpose of the planning is to:

  • Maximise the value of manures and other wastes applied through timing and application
  • Ensure that the soil reserves are fully utilised.
  • Reduce the amount of nutrients wasted by leaching or "run-off" thereby reducing the risk of pollution.

You should consider all the sources of nutrients that you may apply to your land in addition to the wastes. You may use some artificial fertilisers and / or you may spread manure or slurry. The total addition of nutrients, soil conditioning properties and water content from all the materials together with the needs of the crops should be taken into account in your planning.

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