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Information on cross compliance

In January 2005 Defra’s Rural Development Service and Momenta launched a programme to provide farmers with technical advice on cross compliance. Momenta, which specialises in managing programmes for government, is  working with the following organisations to deliver this advice regionally: Farmcare; Simon Draper Agronomy Ltd; The Game Conservancy Trust; The Arable Group; Kingshay Farming Trust; West Country Rivers Trust; and LEAF.

The programme is designed to ensure that farmers are aware of the need to comply with EU legislation (the Statutory Management Requirements (SMRs)) and to keep land in Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition, and to give them the information and advice they need to do this.

You can access this cross compliance information and advice from Momenta through a helpline, a website and a newsletter. There will also be opportunities to attend and host on-farm workshops and farm walks.

The 2006 programme will focus on new SMRs and Soil Protection Reviews.

The cross compliance helpline

The helpline (0845 345 1302) is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Agents can answer technical questions on cross compliance or tell you where to get the help you need.

Cross compliance online advice

The website ( includes a ‘frequently asked questions’ section plus information about forthcoming events and links to useful cross compliance publications and key organisations.

The cross compliance newsletter

The cross compliance newsletter will provide information on key issues and seasonal priorities. It will also include a calendar of key dates – for example, the dates when hedgerow cutting is restricted and when new SMRs are to be  phased in – and details of events. The first issue is due this autumn. Call the helpline for a free newsletter subscription.

Face-to-face advice

Throughout the year farm workshops provide the opportunity for small groups to discuss the implications of cross compliance standards with a specialist adviser. You can hold a workshop at your farm if you invite 10 or more farmers to attend. You will receive free advice specific to your farm and £100 for hosting the workshop.

A series of guided farm walks will enable farmers and agricultural contractors to observe and learn how to implement compliant practices. Most of these walks will take place in the spring. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

To register for an event or, request further information, call 0845 345 1302.

The Farm Business Advice Service

For many farmers, the introduction of the SPS means making new choices about the future direction of their business. Defra has therefore restructured the Farm Business Advice Service and has set up a new ‘Knowing your options’ service designed to help you understand how the SPS will affect you and consider all the options open to you.

The Farm Business Advice Service ‘Knowing your options’, which replaces the former three-day service, will provide advice in a number of different ways, including by telephone and via local advice clinics. In some circumstances, farm visits of up to half a day will be available. In some regions, farmers will also have access to workshops and conferences. Advisers will work with you to assess the level and type of help and advice you need.


Region Telephone
South East 0845 365 1257
West Midlands 0845 365 1256
North West 0870 870 7380
North East 0870 870 7381
Yorkshire and Humber 0870 870 7382
East Midlands 0870 870 7383
East of England 0870 870 7384
South West
  • Devon and Cornwall
  • Gloucestershire
  • Somerset
  • Wessex
  • West
  • Wiltshire


  • 0845 600 9966
  • 01242 863 863
  • 0845 721 1112
  • 08454 58 85 58
  • 01275 373 373
  • 0845 600 4141
How to register

Most farmers in England claiming the Single Payment will be eligible for free advice under the service. To register, call the appropriate number from the list below between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

For more information, go to the Defra website at


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