Ragwort: Guidance on the disposal options for common ragwort (PB11050)

Waste management company

When to use this option
  • For large scale disposal where on-site disposal is not possible.

Using a waste management company is ideal when there is a large quantity of ragwort to be disposed of or where other options are not available. Disposing of material this way means that it is removed professionally and disposed of legally.

The waste management company removing the ragwort should provide either a wheeled or bulk container (a lidded skip or roll-on roll-off hook lift container) or otherwise a refuse collection vehicle with containment or enclosed compactor mechanism. Open skips should not be used.

It should be noted, that where the sole purpose or intent is to dispose of waste, then any such material should not be transferred to a third party for disposal, unless they are a bona fide registered and licensed waste contractor and the facility is similarly licensed and permitted.

How to do this

Use the Yellow Pages, or trade directory to find a waste management company or your local waste management officer at the Local Authority may be able to advise of suitable contractors.

The contractor/waste management company must be registered with the Environment Agency. You should contact the Agency to check that the contractor is suitably registered.

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