Ragwort: Guidance on the disposal options for common ragwort (PB11050)

Biomass facility or permitted incinerator

When to use this option
  • Where there is an on-site biomass facility or permitted incinerator.

Some farms, nurseries and rural estates may have their own solid fuel fired boiler. Such systems are commonly fuelled by straw bales, woodchip, coppiced wood, and other forms of biomass e.g. Miscanthus (elephant grass). Such solid fuel burners may be utilised for ragwort disposal where residues are the property of the boiler owner and is located on the same land.

Where ragwort disposal is for a third party, a waste transfer note would be needed.

Where the ragwort material has been dried and then baled after cutting as part of a pasture topping exercise, then such biomass fuelled boilers may be ideal. The size of the combustion chamber and means of loading should be carefully considered. The risks and precautions required during the storage of the baled material should also be thought through.

Incinerators are purely for the disposal of specified waste materials. e.g. proprietary designed and permitted farm type small scale carcass cremators.

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