Ragwort: Guidance on the disposal options for common ragwort (PB11050)

Domestic refuse collection

When to use this option
  • On domestic premises, for small amounts of ragwort which can be disposed of in domestic refuse subject to Local Authority approval.
How to go about it

For a small amount of ragwort arising on domestic premises, sealing the ragwort plant in a double layer plastic sack for collection or placing it into a refuse wheelie bin for collection as domestic refuse, may be acceptable.

Check with your Local Authority10. To avoid bulk plants can be cut up to assist packing. To avoid seed dispersal, seed heads should be cut off first and packed.

Where the Local Authority provides a ‘Green Waste Collection’, ragwort should not be mixed with the ‘Green Waste’, unless the Local Authority permits its inclusion. This is because some composting facilities may not have the necessary resources and procedures in place for handling ragwort. Check with your Local Authority.

10 http://www.direct.gov.uk

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