Ragwort: Guidance on the disposal options for common ragwort (PB11050)

Transporting ragwort

Ragwort is able to set seed even after being pulled, dug or cut and therefore there is a high risk of seed dispersal to neighbouring land during transportation. To avoid seed dispersal ragwort should only be transported in sealed bags or enclosed containers. Where the plants are bulky, they can be cut up to assist packing. To avoid unnecessary seed dispersal, seed heads should be cut off first and packed.


  • remains toxic when sprayed, cut, dug or pulled
  • once cut, the flower can set seed
  • seeds remain viable and can be easily dispersed
  • in its fresh state (un-wilted) is difficult to burn
  • is bulky to transport
  • can only be composted in controlled conditions
  • should only be transported in sealed bags/containers

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