Food Safety Regulations

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Environmental Health Officers

For advice of food safety legislation and how it applies to your business, consult your local environmental health officers. You can get contact details for your local environmental health department by contacting your local authority (or district council in Northern Ireland). The Food Standards Agency website contains a database of environmental health departments in England, Wales and Scotland.

Industry Guides

Industry Guides give advice on food businesses on how to comply with food safety regulations. They are officially recognised by Government. The range includes the following titles:

  • The Catering Guide
  • The Retail Guide
  • The Market and Fairs Guide
  • The Wholesale Guide
  • The Fresh Produce Guide
  • The Butchers' Guide
  • The Vending Guide
  • The Flour Milling Guide.

These Guides are published by the Chadwick Group Ltd. You can order them online at or by calling 020 7827 5882.

Food Standards Agency publications

Ordering information is on the back cover  of this leaflet. Titles include:

  • Guide to food hygiene
  • Food handlers: fitness to work
  • Food law inspections and your business.

Food Standards Agency website

Visit the FSA website at for more information about food hygiene and other food-related issues.

This information is intended as guidance and is not a complete statement of the law. The proprietors of individual food businesses are responsible for checking how the legislation mentioned in this booklet and all other relevant legislation applies to them in practice.

The Food Standards Agency is a UK-wide independent Government Agency providing advice and information to the public and Government on food safety, nutrition and diet.

The Agency was created to protect the interests of consumers and its guiding principles are to:

  • put the customer first
  • be open and accessible
  • be an independent voice

The Agency's advice is based on the best scientific evidence available from independent expert advisory committees and all its advice is made public.

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