Pigs: A Guide for New Owners

Register Your Pigs

  • Once the pigs are on your holding you need to register them with Defra
  • This time you need to contact your local Animal Health Divisional Office (AHDO) annex 2
  • You will be asked your CPH number as a reference
  • Once you inform them you are keeping pigs, they may be able to register them for you over the phone
  • If your correspondence address is different from the herd location, inform the AHDO and confirm they have the correct details
  • When your pigs are registered, a herd mark will be automatically created. You may be told this over the phone
  • Herdmarks for pigs are 1 or 2 letters followed by 4 digits
  • For example: A1234 or AB1234
  • The Defra herdmark provides a quick and effective means of identifying premises from which pigs have moved. It is unique, kept on a single database and available to inspectors for rapid tracing
  • The AHDO will send you a registration document which will contain your personal details, CPH and herdmark
  • Along with this, you will receive a Welfare of Pigs booklet and a Pig Identification Booklet
  • If you ever have any questions regarding any of these issues then please do not hesitate to contact your local Animal Health Divisional Office or the helpline on 0845 050 9876
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