Pigs: A Guide for New Owners

20 Day Standstill

  • Once the pigs arrive on your holding, your holding will be under a standstill
  • The standstill rules are there to protect against the rapid spread of any new outbreak of disease the standstill acts as an incubation period and slows down the spread of disease
  • Pigs trigger a 20 day standstill on other pigs when they move onto a holding
  • Pigs trigger a 6 day standstill on any cattle, sheep or goats on that holding
  • Cattle, sheep and goats moving onto a holding will impose a 6 day standstill on any pig on that holding
  • For more information on livestock movements please ask your local Animal Health Divisional Office for a copy of the Rules for Livestock Movements booklet or visit the website (http://www.defra.gov.uk/animalh/movements/default.htm).

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