Pigs: A Guide for New Owners

You Can Now Move the Pig(s) to Your Holding

  • Pig movements will usually take place under a General Licence, which sets out the conditions for movement. You may obtain a copy from the Defra website (http://www.defra.gov.uk/animalh/movements/pigs/pigs-genlicence.pdf) or from your local Animal Health Divisional Office.
  • Pig movements must be accompanied by the movement document
  • You will need an Individual Movement Licence to move pigs from a market. This will be issued at the market by a local authority trading standards officer and will also serve as the PRIMO movement document.
  • In the event of a disease outbreak the AML2 provides traceability because Defra knows where the pigs are and where they have been
  • The person you are buying the pigs from will be responsible for the providing the AML2 They are known as the departing address
  • The departing address completes sections A and C then keeps the yellow copy for their records
  • The person transporting the pigs then completes section B with their details and keeps the blue copy
  • The AML2 travels with the pigs
  • On arrival at your holding you must complete section D with your details
  • You retain the pink copy of the AML2 for at least 6 months
  • You must send the white copy to your local trading standards animal health department within 3 days of the pigs arriving
  • For future movements, please contact your local Animal Health Divisional Office or local trading standards for a tablet of AML2 forms
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