Farmers Lung (HSE AS5)

What should you do to protect yourself?

You should, wherever possible, avoid breathing in dust and spores by taking the following precautions:

  • Do not create more dust than necessary when working.
  • Ensure that machinery is constructed, adapted and maintained to contain dust as far as possible.
  • Where materials are handled indoors, make sure there is adequate ventilation - either local exhaust ventilation or dilution ventilation of the whole area. Get a competent person (eg a ventilation engineer) to confirm that it is adequate.
  • Observe good housekeeping where materials are being handled. Use an industrial vacuum cleaner to remove excess dust from the floors, walls and rafters of buildings. If you have to use a brush, thoroughly wet the dust beforehand to stop it from rising.
  • Keep personal clothing and hair clean, eg by wearing a coverall and headgear.
  • Use disposable protective clothing, otherwise ensure your working clothes are laundered regularly. Do not take them home with you - leave them at the workplace.
  • Where other methods of preventing exposure are not reasonably practicable, wear suitable, properly fitted and maintained respiratory protective equipment (RPE).
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