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BS5502: Part 82: 1997
Building and Structures for Agriculture.
Design of Amenity Buildings.

The text herein is not a a full reproduction of the British Standard. It is summary based upon interpretation of the original text and not intended as a replacement for the full text. It should be used for general guidance only.

BS5502 is sub-divided into a number of individual standards. These can be broadly broken down as follows:

  • Part 0: Introduction
  • Parts 10 - 19: Reference information
  • Parts 20 - 39: General designs
  • Parts 40 - 59: Livestock buildings
  • Parts 60 - 79: Crop buildings
  • Parts 80 - 99: Ancillary buildings

This part of BS5502 gives recommendations for the design of amenity buildings used in agriculture such as staff offices, mess  rooms, locker rooms, changing rooms, medical and veterinary stores, washrooms and toilets.


  • Statutory requirements for many agricultural amenity buildings are covered by the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992.
  • Dairy Products (Hygiene) Regulations 1995 require washing facilities to be provided on all registered dairy farms.
  • Amenity buildings and farm shops should be sited away from fuel and flammable liquid stores, livestock waste stores and pits,  farm stores and, preferably, away from noisy plant and equipment.
  • Amenity buildings should be sited where there is good access.
  • Sufficient sanitary arrangements should be made for the number of staff working in the vicinity.
  • Sanitary facilities should be under cover, private, adequately lit, hygienic and easily cleaned.
  • Washing facilities should include wash basins, hot and cold water, soap and drying facilities.
  • With respect to services BS5502:25 should be followed.
  • The temperature inside amenity buildings such as offices, mess rooms and washrooms . toilets should not be less than 16 deg C.
  • Airflow should be comfortable.

A British Standard nor this summary does not, necessarily, include all the necessary information for correct implementation of the Standard to any specific application. This is purely the responsibility of the user. Standards are updated by either amendment or revision. Users should ensure that they are using the latest version.

The full text of this Standard can be obtained from the British Standard Institution

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