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BS8010-1: 2004
Code of Practice for Pipelines
Part 1: Steel Pipelines on Land

The text herein is not a a full reproduction of the British Standard. It is summary based upon interpretation of the original text and not intended as a replacement for the full text. It should be used for general guidance only.

BS8010:2004 (PD8010-1:2004) The code of practice for pipelines comes in two parts:

  • Part 1: Steel pipelines on land
  • Part 2: Subsea pipelines

Part 1:  Steel pipelines on land

This first part of the Code provides full recommendations for, and guidance on, the design, selection, specification and use of materials, routing, land acquisition, construction, installation, testing, operation, maintenance and abandonment of land pipeline systems constructed from steel.

This part of BS8010 applies to pipelines that may be used to carry oil, gas and other substances that are hazardous by nature of being explosive, flammable, toxic, reactive or liable to cause harm to persons or to the environment.

A British Standard nor this summary does not, necessarily, include all the necessary information for correct implementation of the Standard to any specific application. This is purely the responsibility of the user. Standards are updated by either amendment or revision. Users should ensure that they are using the latest version.

The full text of this Standard can be obtained from the British Standard Institution

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