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Oil Storage Bunding

Bulk storage of oil and chemicals is becoming increasingly common and represents a major threat of pollution. The potential for accidental spills is at its highest during deliveries. The Silage, Slurry and Agricultural Fuel Oil Regulations require oil storage facilities to be properly bunded. Only very small installations are exempt. The following points summarise the bund requirements:

  • The bund should consist of a base and surrounding walls which must be constructed or lined with a material impermeable to the oil stored.
  • The bund should not have a damp proof course.
  • Pipework should not pass through the bund. However, if this is unavoidable any gaps in the wall must be filled with material resistant to attack by the oil.
  • The capacity of the bund must be at least 10% greater than the total storage capacity of the tank(s).
  • There must be no outlet connecting to drains, sewers, watercourses or discharging into yards or onto ground.
  • Normally rainwater should evaporate from the bund. Should there be a need to remove accumulated rainwater this should be done using a manually operated pump.
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