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Nutrient Deficiences


Heavy winter rainfall and warmer temperatures could result in depleted nitrogen reserves. Crops suffering will be pallid and lacking vigour as spring growth begins. Spring crops, especially those drilled early into cold soils, may also show signs of a deficiency.

Soil analysis will confirm any Nitrogen short fall.


Crops in wet, cold soil especially those that may have become waterlogged may be short of phosphorus. Crops suffering root damage from waterlogging may also show P deficiency symptoms. In cereals and OSR this will show as pale green to yellow foliage and poor vigour.


Potash can be lost via leaching and the crop may be prevented from adsorbing potash if the soil is wet and cold. Symptoms of a potash deficiency will often show as purple foliage especially on cereals and OSR. It may be beneficial to wait until the soil warms before treatment. Seek advice.


Due to the reduction in sulphur deposition from pollution some areas in the UK may suffer a shortage of soil sulphur. The best means of identifying sulphur deficiency is via grain or tissue analysis.

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