Regulation on Protection of Animals during Transport 1/2005

Title: Regulation on the Protection of Animals during Transport 1/2005

Category: EU Regulations

Date: 2005

Reference: 1/2005 [Full text] 

General Description:

The EU Regulation on the Protection of Animals During Transport and Related Operations will replace the current Directive in January 2007. It seeks to deliver improved animal welfare without unnecessaryily burdening producers. The new Regulations retain the principles of journey times and stocking densities, while making vast improvements on issues relating to enforcement of animal transport rules. This will be delivered through the adoption of new technologies in ventilation and satellite navigation, compulsory driver training and harmonisation of rules and documentation across Europe. Outline of the New EU Regulation:

  • Member States are permitted to introduce stricter national legislation in the interest of animal welfare only for journeys exclusively within their own territory.
  • Member States may impose an 8-hour limit on all animals being transported to slaughter if the entire process takes place within their territory.
  • Exemption for the transport of animals by farmers, in agricultural vehicles, for distances up to 50km.
  • Inspection and approval systems for: all hauliers and vehicles used to transport animals.
  • Formal training and certification for drivers and attendants will be introduced.
  • Increased compliance arrangements for journey logs to aid traceability.
  • Reform of the technical provisions which cover:
    • fitness for transport;
    • means and specifications for vehicles including compartment heights;
    • bedding, water and feeding requirements; and
    • transport practices.

Pertinence to Agriculture: Livestock Movement, Cattle, Animal Welfare

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