Farming the Historic Landscape

How can I get advice on caring for historic sites or grant-aid?

You can obtain advice on how to protect archaeological sites on your land or on grant schemes for site management from the following organisations:

  • Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Defra agri-environment scheme advisers can advise you about grants for environmental land management, including the protection of archaeological sites. A list of local offices is available on the Defra website at by selecting Contact Defra
  • English Heritage: Your local English Heritage Regional Office can supply details about the location and management of Scheduled Monuments and may offer grants for their management. A list of regional offices is available on the English Heritage website at by selecting Contact Us
  • Local Authority: Your Local Authority Archaeologist can supply general advice about site management. Some authorities may be able to offer help with site management. A list of Local Authority Archaeologists is available from the Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers’ website at

REMEMBER to take account of known archaeological sites when you develop plans for soil management, farm waste management, farm development or habitat creation, or make applications for agri-environment schemes.

For copies of this leaflet, please contact English Heritage Customer Services Department on 0870 333 1181 or email: Published May 2004. Product Code: 50911

(C) 2004 English Heritage, produced in collaboration with Defra and Association of Local Government Archaeological officers.

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