Sites of Special Scientific Interest - SSSIs (NE54)

Terms relating to managing SSSIs

Agri-environment scheme

A scheme meeting environmental aims through using agricultural practices, sometimes with financial aid provided by government.

Management statement

A formal statement of our views on the management needed to maintain the special interest for which the SSSI has been notified.

Management agreement

A voluntary legal agreement (sometimes accompanied by payment) between us and you to secure appropriate management of the land. We may offer agreements on land next to SSSIs.

Management scheme

A formal statement of measures needed for a site to be managed in a positive way. A management scheme may be drawn up where the ownership or management of a site is particularly complicated, or if a site is neglected and we cannot arrange appropriate management through voluntary partnerships, supported by a management agreement. Not all sites will need a management scheme.

Management notice

An enforceable notice that we serve stating that a site must be managed according to a management scheme. We may only do this if we have issued a management scheme and it has not been put into practice, and you have refused a management agreement offering you payment for the necessary work.

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