Sites of Special Scientific Interest - SSSIs (NE54)

Your responsibilities

We will advise and help you to make sure that sites are appropriately managed. Appropriate management is very important to conserve the special wildlife and geological features of SSSIs. Grazing animals at particular times of the year, coppicing, controlling water levels and clearing scrub are examples of the type of management which may be needed. Many owners and occupiers already carry out suitable management, which has contributed to the special interest of the land. We may give you financial help to carry out the necessary management.

Clearing dense rhododendron is essential to stop it crowding out native plants and animals on some SSSIs. Peter Roworth/Natural England

If SSSIs are suffering as a result of inappropriate management or neglect, and a voluntary solution cannot be reached, we may use more formal legal methods. These include management schemes and management notices. We may also offer to buy land voluntarily and, in exceptional circumstances, use compulsory purchase powers. We will only use these stronger powers for the very small number of instances where all options to work with you have failed to maintain the special interest of the SSSI.

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