Welfare of Battery Hens Regulations

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Title: Welfare of Battery Hens Regulations

Category: England, Wales and Scotland Regulations

Date: 1987

Reference: SI 1987/2020 [Full text not available]

General Description:

These Regulations implement EU legislation which lays down minimum standards for the protection of laying hens kept in battery cages. The main requirements of the Regulations relate to the construction and size of battery cages; feeding and watering of the hens; insulation and ventilation of the buildings in which the hens are kept; daily inspection of the flock and of any automatic and mechanical equipment; taking of remedial action where the hens do not appear to be in good health and rectifying any defects in such equipment; cleansing and disinfection of the cages and the taking care of the hens by competent personnel. Where four or more hens are kept in a cage, the minimum area for each hen must be 450 cm2. The height of the cage over 65% of the minimum cage area must not be less than 40 cm and not less than 35 cm at any point over that area.

Pertinence to Agriculture: Poultry, Animal Welfare, Battery Hens

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