Pigs (England): Code of Recommendations for the Welfare of Livestock: Pigs (PB7950)

Appendix - Useful publications

A: Defra publications related to pig welfare as at February 2003

PB number Title
0409 Code of Practice - the welfare of animals in livestock markets
0621 Farm fires: advice on farm animal welfare
1147 Emergencies on livestock farms
1148 Lameness in Pigs
1316 Heat Stress in Pigs - Solving the problem
1381 Guidance on the transport of casualty farm animals
2594 Explanatory guide to the Welfare of Animals (Slaughter or Killing) Regulations 1995
3480 Condition scoring of pigs
3575 Assessment of practical experience in the handling, transport and care of animals: guide to employers
7344 Guidance on the Welfare of Animals (Transport) Order 1997
4444 Site suitability for outdoor pig farming
7350 Better biosecurity provides peace of mind, healthy stock and a more viable business.
Code of practice on the responsible use of animal medicines on the farm (2001) (Veterinary Medicines Directorate)

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These publications are updated regularly. For more information on the most current versions and new publications, please contact Defras Animal Welfare Division on 020 7904 6521.

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