Grassland: Selecting indicators of success for grassland enhancement (TIN050)

Historic water meadows

This indicator is optional. A small minority of water meadows have MG8, crested dogs-tail - marsh marigold grassland, which is part of the Lowland Meadow UK BAP habitat. A few sites will have potential for restoration of this habitat, but most will have rich soils with limited potential for botanical enhancement.

This grassland depends on a flooding regime and should be compatible with water meadow management in that respect. For HK7 (restoration) there might be problems because of the need to create bare ground when introducing lost species. This could obviously be a problem for historic features. Consult an archaeologist and an ecologist.

Water meadows with low potential for creating or restoring species-rich grassland should be managed under HD10 or HD11, Maintenance or Management of traditional water meadows.

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