Grassland: Selecting indicators of success for grassland enhancement (TIN050)

Group 2

Species likely to do reasonably well being moderately good competitors, but tolerating a more limited range of conditions and characteristic of more species-rich, less fertile conditions.

  • Agrimony (N, also occurs on calcareous grassland but not listed as an indicator for that habitat)
  • Cowslip (N, C)
  • Heath bedstraw (A)
  • Lady's bedstraw (N, C, A usually replaced by heath bedstraw on more acidic soils)
  • Meadowsweet (N, and characteristic of damper conditions)
  • Salad burnet (N, C)
  • Sheep's sorrel (A)
  • Tufted vetch
  • Yellow-rattle (N management by late hay cutting is essential for this species. It is listed only for neutral grassland but also occurs on more calcareous and more acidic sites)
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