ARCHIVE: Fertiliser Manual (RB209)

Grazed Grass – Phosphate, Potash and Magnesium (Total for the Whole Year)

  P or K Index
  0 1 2 3
Phosphate (P2O5)a 80 50 20 0
Potash (K2O)b 60 30 0 0
  1. Phosphate may be applied in several small applications during the season, though there may be a small response if it is all applied in early spring for the 1st grazing
  2. Potash may either be applied in one application before the third grazing, or in several small applications during the season. At Index 0, apply 30 kg K2O/ha for the first grazing. Where there is a known risk of hypomagnesaemia, application of potash in spring should be avoided.

For magnesium recommendations, see page 183.

Newly sown swards

In the first season after autumn or spring sowing, deduct the amounts of phosphate and potash applied to the seedbed.

Don’t forget to deduct nutrients applied as organic manures – see Section 2

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