ARCHIVE: Fertiliser Manual (RB209)


Sodium is recommended for certain crops (e.g. sugar beet, carrots). Soil analysis can be used to identify the need to apply sodium for sugar beet. Sampling should be carried out according to the procedure described in Appendix 3. The extraction procedure is the same as that used for potassium and magnesium and is described in Specification for topsoil and requirements for use. British Standard BS 3882: 2007. The results are available together with those for potassium and magnesium. The interpretation of soil analysis results is given in the crop recommendation tables. At recommended rates, sodium should have no adverse affect on the physical condition of soils.

In grassland systems, it is important to maintain an adequate amount of sodium in livestock diets. Sodium application will not have any effect on grass growth but has been reported to improve the palatability of grass.

Sodium recommendations are given as kg Na2O/ha not kg Na/ha. Conversion tables are given in Appendix 8.

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