ARCHIVE: Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZs) - Guidance for Farmers. Field application of manufactured nitrogen fertilisers (Leaflet 9 - PB12736i)

3. Non-spreading Conditions and Areas

YOU MUST NOT apply manufactured nitrogen fertiliser or other nitrogen containing materials if the soil is:

  • waterlogged;
  • flooded;
  • snow covered;
  • or frozen for more than 12 hours in the previous 24 hours.

YOU MUST NOT spread manufactured nitrogen fertiliser within 2 metres of a surface water.

When making your assessment, you should take into account physical and weather conditions. You should not make applications if heavy rain is falling or is forecast to fall within the next 48 hours. Normal common-sense definitions of waterlogged, flooded and snow covered will apply. Application is allowed on days when early morning frost thaws during that day.

To avoid a significant pollution risk you must not apply manufactured nitrogen fertiliser close to surface waters. Surface waters include lakes, ponds, rivers, streams and ditches which contain free water, and also temporary dry ditches and blind ditches.

The 2 metre non-spreading distance is the minimum distance but greater distances may be required depending on slope and the risk of causing pollution. Your field inspection (see Section 2) will help you.

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