Transport of Casualty Farm Animals (PB1381)

Annex C. Veterinary Certificate

70. Schedule 19 to the Fresh meat (Hygiene and Inspection) Regulations 1995 18(2)

Part 1: To be completed by the Veterinary Surgeon

Name and address of owner ____________________________________________________________________________


Telephone No. _______________________

Animal: Species _______________________ Breed __________________________________

Age ________________________________ Sex _____________________________________

Identifying Marks ______________________________________________________________

Reason for animal being unfit to be transported to a slaughterhouse and reason for slaughter._____________________________________________________________________


(1) This animal was bled in an approved manner without delay after shooting / stunning.

Time and Date____________ am/pm _____________ 200__________

or (2) I have issued instructions for the bleeding and stunning of this animal to be conducted in an approved manner. (delete (1) or (2) as appropriate)

This certificate is valid for 6 hours, during which time the slaughter of the animal must be carried out by a competent slaughterman. If this period is exceeded, a further certificate will be required.


Time and Date_____________ am/pm __________________ 200__________

The Animal is to be transported to: Name of slaughterhouse ____________________________________________________________________________


After carrying out ante-mortem inspection, making due enquiries, and, where appropriate, carrying out tests detailed below*, it is my opinion that the animal from which this carcase was produced was not affected with any disease or condition liable to render the whole carcase unfit for human consumption or that could be transmitted through the meat to humans or animals.

After any necessary inspections and enquiries, there is no evidence that any substances have been administered to the animal that might lead to an illegal residue being present in the meat, nor that the animal consumed any other substance that might render the meat unfit for human consumption.

NB: If necessary, for reasons of animal welfare, the veterinary surgeon must carry out the slaughter of the animal himself without delay.

*Tests performed and results ____________________________________________________________________________

Name of Veterinary Surgeon

Practice Address

Time and Date____________ am/pm _____________ 200 __________

Signed ______________________________________________________________________

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