Domestic Fowls (England): Code of Recommendations for the Welfare of Livestock (PB0076)

10. Additional Recommendations: Range Birds


  1. Housing used by range birds should be of sufficient standard to ensure that the birds are not subject to distress caused by extremes of temperature.
  2. When birds are transferred to range houses, precautions should be taken to avoid overcrowding and suffocation, particularly during the first few nights. Cannibalism is a danger under this system, and birds should not be confined for too long during hours of daylight or subjected to direct sunlight during confinement. Attention is also directed to paragraph 12.
  3. All birds must have ready access to range and there should be sufficient openings so spaced and of sufficient size to allow a reasonable proportion of the birds to enter or leave at any one time.
  4. Unless the house is moved frequently it is good practice to protect the ground immediately adjacent to it e.g. by providing slatted or wire mesh platforms, covered verandas or areas of gravel.
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