Domestic Fowls (England): Code of Recommendations for the Welfare of Livestock (PB0076)

9. Handling and Transport of Stock on the Premises


(See note 14)

  1. The proper handling of birds requires skill and it should be undertaken only be competent persons who have been appropriately trained. It should be carried out quietly and confidently, exercising care to avoid unnecessary struggling which could bruise or otherwise injure the birds. Care must be taken in catching birds in loose-housed systems in order to avoid creating panic and subsequent injury to and smothering of the birds. Particular care is also needed so as to avoid injury to birds being placed in or removed from cages, especially where the whole of the cage front does not open.


  1. Regulations for the Protection of Poultry when being carried by water, rail or road, or exposed for sale, as contained in the Welfare of Poultry (Transport) Order 1988 (SI 1988 No. 851), the Welfare of Animals at Markets order 1990 (SI 1990 No. 2628) and the Transit of Animals (General) Order 1973 (SI 1973 No. 1377). the recommendations made in this section of the code relate to handling and transport operations which are nor covered by those orders.
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