Take-all in winter wheat - management guidelines (HGCA Autumn 2006)

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Topic Sheet 49 (2001) Take-all control in winter wheat: I Planning

Topic Sheet 50 (2001) Take-all control in winter wheat: II Agronomy

Research Review 20 (1991) Take-all disease of cereals

Project Report 255 (2001) Managing early-drilled second wheats to minimise the impact of take-all

Project Report 268 (2002) Take-all in winter wheat: Effects of silthiofam (Latitude)

Project Report 285 (2002) Effects of azoxystrobin on wheat take-all

Project Report 309 (2003) Strategies for fungicidal control of take-all

Project Report 342 (2004) Take-all control with silthiofam (Latitude); Economic implications from a six-year rotation experiment

Project Report 395 (2006) Optimising the performance and benefits of take-all control chemicals

Project Report 398 (2006) Developing a rationale to integrate take-all control measures, reduce disease impact and maximise wheat margins

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These guidelines were funded as an HGCA knowledge transfer project and were written by Dr Geoff Bateman, Richard Gutteridge and Dr John Jenkyn, Rothamsted Research; John Spink, ADAS; and Dr Jim McVittie, HGCA.

HGCA is grateful to the following people who have commented on draft versions of the guidelines: Bill Clark, Dr Neil Paveley, ADAS; Paul Rooke, AIC; Jonathan Tann, BASF plc; Dr David Cooper, Defra; Alan Bide, Hampshire Arable Systems; Prof Graham Jellis and Dr Roger Williams, HGCA; Dr Doug Bailey, INRA; Dr Rosemary Bayles, NIAB; Dr Fiona Burnett, SAC; Chris Dawson, Potash Development Association and David Yarham.

The guidelines were edited by Dr Clive Edwards, HGCA and Geoff Dodgson, Chamberlain. Design by Chamberlain

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