Take-all in winter wheat - management guidelines (HGCA Autumn 2006)

Action summary

  • Plan rotations to avoid take-all risk, where possible.
  • Correct any P, K and Mn deficiency in the years before a take-all susceptible crop.
  • Control cereal volunteers and grass weeds in break crops.
  • Destroy green covers on set-aside as soon as permitted.
  • Avoid 'green bridge' between successive cereal crops.
  • Consider a seed treatment for crops at risk.
  • Avoid very early drilling of first wheat, if second wheat planned.
  • Avoid poor second wheat varieties, using the HGCA Recommended List.
  • Drill into a firm seedbed and possibly plough to reduce effectiveness of inoculum.
  • Drill non-first wheats after mid-October where possible; if earlier, consider reducing seed rate.
  • Apply adequate N sufficiently early.
  • Consider using early-season foliar fungicide active against take-all.
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