Transit of Animals (General) Order

Applies to EnglandApplies to Wales

Title: Transit of Animals (General) Order

Category: England and Wales Order

Date: 1973

Reference: SI 1973/1377 [Full text not available]

General Description:

This act makes it an offence for any person to load or unload onto a vehicle or cause or permit any animal onto a vehicle in such a way which is likely to cause injury to the animal, this also applies to any possibility of injury during transit.

The following must also apply when in transit:

(i) The animals are protected from any inadequacies in the construction of the vehicle or any insecure fittings;

(ii) The animals are protected from any sudden jolts or any violent shaking;

(iii) The animals are protected from the weather or if necessary the sea;

(iv) The animals have constant access to an adequate air supply, even when the vehicle is stationary;

(v) The animals are protected from any undue fluctuations in humidity, temperature or air pressure;

(vi) The animals are protected from any loud noises of vibrations;

(vii) The animals are prevented from falling out of the vehicle.

(viii) If the animals are to be transported by air or sea and in the judgement of the master or commander, there are grounds for believing that due to adverse weather conditions there is a possibility of injury or loss of life to the animals then the master or commander has the right to refuse to transport the animals.

It shall be the duty of the owner or charterer of a vessel and of the operator of an aircraft to ensure that the animals are fed and watered at an interval suitable for that species and that an attendant is on hand during carriage to administer food and water. Artificial light provision may also be required.

If either horses, rabbits, dogs, or cats are being carried then these guidelines should be followed:

(i) in the case of horses that they are fed and watered at least every 24 hours;

(ii) in the case of rabbits that they are fed and watered at least every 12 hours;

(iii) in the case of dogs and cats that they are fed at least every 24 hours and are watered at least every 12 hours.

This act also makes it illegal to permit or cause an animal which the person has reasonable reason to believe is unfit or may give birth during transit to be transported.

Pertinence to Agriculture: Livestock, Transport, Animal Welfare

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