Town and Country Planning (General Development) Order 1988 (as amended)

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Title: Town and Country Planning (General Development) Order (as amended)

Category: England and Wales Order

Date: 1988 (many amendments)

Reference: SI 1988/1813 [Full text] (amended by 1988/2091 (revoked) [Full text], 1989/603 [Full text], 1989/1590 [Full text], 1990/457 [Full text], 1990/2032 [Full text], 1991/1536 [Full text], 1991/2805 [Full text], 1992/609 [Full text], 1992/1280 [Full text], 1994/678 [Full text], 1994/2595 [Full text], 1995/298 [Full text], 1995/415)

General Description:

The following sections of the General Development Order have been identified as being pertinent to agriculture.

The necessary planning permission for agricultural buildings and operations is given by Part 6 of the General Development Order. Class A of part 6 permits the carrying out on agricultural land of

  1. works for the erection, extension or alteration of a building, or
  2. excavation or engineering operations, reasonably necessary for the purposes of agriculture within that unit.

This does not include the erection or alteration of a dwelling house, or the provision of a building not designed for the purposes of agriculture. The limitations and conditions to this are that:-

  • The ground area of the building must not exceed 465 square metres, and if the building would be within 90 metres of another building (other than a house) belonging to the same farm and erected within the last two years, the area of that building must be deducted from the maximum of 465 square metres.
  • The height of the building within three kilometres of the perimeter of an aerodrome must not exceed 3 metres, or 12 metres in any other case.
  • No part of the development must be within 25 metres of the metalled portion of a trunk or classified road.
  • There are further restrictions on the siting of buildings or excavation for the accommodation of livestock or for the storage of slurry or sewage sludge.

Where the land is within a national park or certain areas of high landscape value, any person proposing to erect an agricultural building in accordance with permission given by Class A must give the local planning authority a written description and plan of the proposed development.

The excavation from agricultural land of minerals when required for agricultural purposes is permitted within the same agricultural unit, under Class B of Part 6.

Class C relates to the construction of fishponds and other engineering operations for the purposes of a registered business of fish farming.

There have been many amendments to this Order over the years   regarding the fine detail but the basic objectives remain intact.

Pertinence to Agriculture: Agricultural Land, Building

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