Welfare of Animals (Staging Points) Order

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Title: Welfare of Animals (Staging Points) Order

Category: England, Wales and Scotland Law

Date: 1998

Reference: 1998/2537 [Full text]

General Description:

This Order makes provision for the administration, execution and enforcement of Council Regulation (EC) No. 1255/97 ("the Council Regulation") concerning Community criteria for staging points and amending the route plan referred to in the Annex to Directive 91/628/EEC.

The principal provisions of the Order:

  • Provides detailed rules on the construction, facilities and operational requirements for staging points which are resting places for livestock during transportation;
  • Makes arrangements by which premises can be approved, monitored and enforced;
    Designates an appropriate minister to ensure compliance and implement the EC Directive;
    Confers power on Veterinary inspectors to enforce the law;
  • Creates an offence for non-compliance.

Pertinence to Agriculture: Animal Welfare, Livestock Welfare, Animal Transportation

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