Specified Animal Pathogens Order

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Title: Specified Animal Pathogens Order

Category: England, Wales and Scotland Regulations

Date: 1998

Reference: SI 1998/463 [Full text]

General Description:

This Order extends the definition of "specified animal pathogen" to include nucleic acid derived from a listed pathogen if it may be capable of producing that pathogen. It also prohibits the possession of the pathogens listed and the introduction into any animal of any pathogen listed, except under the authority of a licence issued by the appropriate Minister.

If any person who does not hold such a licence possesses anything which he suspects contains a pathogen listed he is required to notify a veterinary inspector. There are exceptions for veterinary and human medicines. There are provisions relating to powers of inspectors and production of licences. The Order is enforced by the local authority.

Pertinence to Agriculture: Animals, Animal Health, Livestock, Livestock Health

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